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ID Slot Punchers

ID Slot Puncher is used for punching oblong holes on ID cards. This is to enable the cards to be used with badge clips, lanyards or retractable badge holders. The rugged design with high precision punching tool makes it a well suited for on the spot punching.

Adjustable Slot Puncher
Part # : JE152AS

– Punch Hole: 13mm(L) x 3mm(W)
– Adjustable printing margin: 10mm ~ 15.2mm
– Punching thickness: 0.8mm ~ 1.2mm PVC
– Adjustable cutting guide
– Removable chip tray

Versatile 3in1 Puncher
Part # : V3+1

Versatile 3-in-1 Puncher
– one puncher with 3 punching functions

– 1-hole Paper Punch: 1/4″ diameter
– Slot Punch Oblong Hole: 14mm(L) x 3mm(W)
– Corner Cutter – 3.5mm radius cut
– Punching thickness: 20 sheets of 20lbs paper / 1.0mm thickness plastic sheet
– Adjustable cutting guide
Removable chip tray

Industrial Slot Puncher
Part # : 1700LX

Manual Flat-Base Table-Top Slot Puncher

– Punch hole: 13mm(L) x 3mm(W)
– Adjustable depth guide
– Adjustable bottom guide
– Punches material up to 0.070 thick
– Shaft drive action (both directions)
– Harden steel die
– All metal construction