Student IDentification Cards

The purpose of Student Identification Cards, or School Badges, is to provide an identity to the holder as a student of the institution. With the advancement of technology, these cards can now do much more: Access Control, Usage of network service or even as a debit/transit pass!

SMART™ ID Card Printer has the capabilities to ensure that your institution’s professional image will not falter. A Student ID Card made by SMART™ ID Card Printer ensures the greatest quality print via thermal transfer. Be it the student’s name, photo or your institution’s logo, the image will be printed out nice and quick. And not to mention, security features such as a UV-Light logo printing can be added to make each ID more personal.

Besides identification and image, a Student ID Card can be used for many other purposes, such as:

– Access Control: Restrict from or provides access to different areas of your school, e.g Cafeteria, Gymnasium, etc

– Data Storage: Store data of your students eg. Name, Address, Class, Attendance Record, etc.

– Debit Card: Provides debit services to purchase in-school items.

Such features can be embedded together with the Student Identification Card, with the help of SMART™ ID Card Printer’s ability to provide data encoding such as Magnetic Stripe, Contact Smart Card and Contactless Smart Card. Thus, providing the one-card your student will ever need.