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Membership & Loyalty Cards

Membership cards are more than meets the eye: it gives members a sense of belonging to the company and the benefits they provide encourages the customers to reciprocate, at the same time looping in their friends and families. Thus, the usage of cards for loyalty cards and membership cards has gone from being just identification to data storage.

Using SMART™ ID Card Printer’s options of either magnetic stripes, contact or contactless encoding options, your company can create membership cards for just about any occasion to suit any purposes, being identification, membership point system or even tracking of purchase details.

Magnetic stripes: Storage of information through a magnetic stripe, with each “swipe”, information such as Membership Points or Membership detaials can be retrieved. Has a low capacity for information, fits most budgets.

Contact Card: A more secure option, chip contact would require card holders to insert the card into the reader. Using ISO 7816 internal smart card chip encoding, your member’s personal information, membership status and details can all be retrieved and edited. x

Contactless Card: Famous for being user-friendly, contactless card systems provide the most sophisticated of membership cards. Similar to Contact Cards, these cards can host information at the same time members would only need to “tap” or “wave” the card infront of the reader to edit or add on information. Certainly a hit for VIP Membership Cards due to it’s classy nature.

Not to mention using it’s high-quality printing, your membership card can be designed to your own liking, without compromising any of your company’s image.