Financial / Banks Application

” Security is critical in this type of financial card issuance environment and IDP has been at the forefront for over 10 years “

Today, financial institutions are working into increase the level of customer satisfaction of its clients as well as increase the security for issuing financial cards at the local branch level.

In partnership with the financial institutions, IDP has developed products to securely print and encode credit cards, debit cards, and check cards. This process is sometimes called “instant issuance” because the customer can open an account, and within the same visit be issued an activated financial card.

Security is critical in this type of financial card issuance environment and IDP has been at the forefront for over 10 years.

Credit card and debit card are small plastic card issued to the users as a system of payment. It allows its holder to buy goods and services based on the holder’s promise to pay for these goods and services. At bank, it issues a card to its customers who can easily use to buy goods and services without cash. In order to make these cards, ID card printer is used by its issuer (bank). SMART ID card printers are ideal for making these cards. SMART can print design easily and encode data to the blank card on surface and magnetic stripe or smart chips (contact/contactless) perfectly.

Bank cards are more than just meets the eye. Typical uses of bank cards are:

– Debit Purposes
– Credit Purposes
– Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Withdrawal/Deposits
– Membership details and status

Each card has to be specified and encoded to only one user and SMART™ ID Card Printer understands the need for security encoding for each card.

Using any one of the following options (magnetic stripe encoding, contact or even contactless chips), or a mix-and-match, SMART™ ID Card Printer provides an array of combination to ensure your data can be encoded and encrypted with security being the utmost priority. Not to mention, banks can instantly provide their customers with their own personal card in the event of a loss or damage of a card. For added security, companies can purchase the Ultra-Violet Ribbon kit to produce a security feature only seen under UV light.

All of these procedures, encoding or printing, can be done with a single printer: SMART™ ID Card Printer. Thus, providing an instant one-stop over the counter service for replacement or issuance of new cards is possible.

SMART ID card printer and its DLL enable you to issue a bank card on the spot. It satisfies financial firm’s strict requirements with securing customer information.

Printing and Encoding
SMART ID card printer is the best solution for bank card issuance. It is possible not only to print images and texts but also to encode magnetic stripes, smart card and contactless smart card at once.

Sharing Printer

You can share SMART ID card printer on-line and data are perfectly secured by communication security technology (SSL-Secure Socket Layer)

Easy Development
SMART SDK (Software Development Kit) offers convenient way to customers for customization to satisfy customers’needs.