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Conference Badges

Conferences are held by difference people for different reasons such as:
-Organisational Matters
– PTA/School Meetings
– Introduction of New Products
– Demonstration of Item etc…

Lots and lots of paper work is required to track visitor movements and access control in such events. As such,SMART™ ID Card Printer can be used cut the frills and at the same time, give your company a professional outlook.

SMART™ ID Card Printer can be used to produce you event/conference badges on the spot. Using a rich colour ribbon, it is guaranteed that the card would not dampen your company’s image.

Besides replacing the common “name tag” in identification, using SMART™ ID Card Printer would also allow you to encode these cards with any of the 3 encoding options:

Magnetic stripes:The all famous “swipe-to-enter” card system. Providing coercivity of either HiCo or LoCo, you can have an encoding option to suit your needs and budget.

Contact Card Access:A more secure option, chip contact would require card holders to insert the card into the reader. Using ISO 7816 internal smart card chip encoding, you can be sure that each card secures different encoding to provide the best security available.

Contactless Card Access: Famous for being user-friendly, contactless card systems provide the

most convenient way of access control. Just a tap to the reader and you’re good to go. But don’t take these too lightly though, all encoding are compliant with ISO 14443 (Type A/B), ISO 15693 and MIFARE standards.(or even a mix and match!) provided by SMART™.

Thus, no more paper work for attendance or access control. Let SMART™ ID Card Printer do the cards for you, and technology the rest so that your conference can go on as smoothly as possible.