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Industries Solution

SMART ID card printer can produce various ID card and badges for a wide range of industries such as corporation, government agencies, educational institutes and local authorities, etc..

Identification badges / ID badges provide visual authentication of the holder via a picture or other personal data such as name, ID, barcode and also acts as a corporate image vehicle and trademark.


SMART offers an extended range of printers that will meet the identification and security requirements of all organizations. To make various corporate ID card successfully, SMART supports an elaborate printing technologies which is suitable to corporation.


Most of all education organizations need student ID cards, SMART ID card printer is suitable to issue all kinds of student ID card.


Banks are establishing instant credit or debit card issuing system instead of centralized issuing system. In this case, customers do not need to wait till their financial cards are issued. SMART ID card printer has various encoding options such as magnetic stripe, contact IC and contactless IC to issue financial cards.


All of official ID cards (National ID cards, driver’s licenses, health care cards, pet registrations cards etc.) require premium levels of security standard to protect forgeries, and need to resist to harsh environment as well as wear and tear.

SMART-51L ID card printer is the ideal solution to provide excellent laminating technologies and multiple encoding technologies to ensure cards are of high security and durability.

Loyalty & Membership

Using a personalized membership plastic card will build up the image of your club or association, and provide a distinctive gift to your members.


Retail plastic cards have a powerful customer relationship management tool functions that adds value to your corporate brand and makes your customers feels unique and special.


Transit cards need charge money for using public transportation for certain periods or time. It also need to be personalized to identify users. SMART ID card printers provide various encoding to charge money and printing functions for personalization.

Access Control

Access Card has many objectives, including controlling access to door and gate, enabling users to sign documents electronically, and enter controlled facilities with magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card.