Your Price Tags on Food Safe Plastic Cards

Personalised Price Tags That Stands Out

Why use Food Safe Labelling System?

Efficiency & Time Savings
  • Maximum Flexibility : completely customisable, print
    your price tags / labels on demand, directly at your point
    of sale and benefit from real time updated labelling.
  • Independence : break free from MOQ (minimum order
    quantities) and lead times set by your label suppliers.
Visibility & Hygiene Guaranteed
  • Perfect Dimensions : the credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your product information on the display stands.
  • Durable and Hygienic : food safe PVC cards are long lasting and very easy to clean (even in a dishwasher) and are resistant to cold and moisture.
Build a Stronger Brand Image
  • Custom Labels : personalise your price tags by adding
    your logo, graphics etc. to appeal to your customers.
  • Professional Appearance : provide a strongly unified display across all product groups and spark customer interest with attractive labels on your display stands.
  • Clear and legible communication : with satin black labels printed in white.
Compliance with Applicable Regulations
  • Display all the information concerning you products, such as:
    – Product Name
    – Price and Unit of Measurement
    – The Origin of Meats
    – For Fish: the scientific name, production method, fishing area and sub-area and fishing gear used.
    – Allergens, etc.
Simplified Display of All Product Information
  • Clear and Concise Consumer Information Display:
    Food Safety : origin and composition
    Type of Diet : allergies, particular diets, customs, traditions, or religious practices.
    Responsible Consumption : organic and/or locally produced product.
  • Promotions & New Products : highlight new products and
    special offers by adding notes directly onto your price tags.
  • Complete Allergen Information : print a complete checklist of the 14 Major Allergens to keep consumers informed.
  • Turn your Price Tags into Sales Tools by displaying all the useful information to your staff on the reverse side such as barcode, reference and other information.

Food Safe Cards & Ribbons

Food Safe Cards
  • ISO CR80 Credit Card Size, 30mil Thickness
  • Dust-free and Smooth-Edged PVC Cards
  • Black Satin Finish for crisp monochrome printing
  • Withstand cold and moisture. Perfect for refrigerated displays.
Food Safe Ribbons
  • White Monochrome
  • High Capacity of at least 1200prints
  • Easy replacement and includes a cleaning roller.

Food Safe Labelling System Features

  • Print with SMART-31 Series Printer.
    Feature-rich direct-to-card printer delivering outstanding print quality at a low cost of ownership.
  • Choose between single sided or dual sided printer
  • High capacity white monochrome ribbon cartridges
  • High quality food safe satin black PVC cards
  • Auto ribbon calibration.
  • USB connectivity
  • 80 cards covered feeder
  • 25 cards capacity output hopper
  • 300dpi print resolution
  • 24 months warranty on printer