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In the rewritable process, the card is not personalized through the use of ribbon but by activating a thermal sensitive foil covering the surface of plastic card.

These cards can be repeatedly erased and rewritten for personalization.

The most frequent usages of this function are temporary visitor’s card, bonus point cards, etc.

Rewritable card can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times. Our Re-Writable technology is eco-friendly and cost effective technology.

You can incorporate various encofing options such as magnetic stripe and contactless IC.

In contrast to pvc card printing, in rewritable printing process the card is not personalized through the use of a color ribbon, but by activating a thermal sensitive foil within the card itself. These enable the card to be repeatedly personalized, erased and rewritten.

SMART uses the last generation rewritable printing cards where a transparent rewritable layer is use. The rewritable card is a normal PVC card with a laminated rewritable layer. The card can be pre-printed and looks like a standard PVC card. With the rewritable layer covering the whole surface or part of the card surface, information can be personalised, erased and rewritten.

Erasing and re-printing required special rewritable card printer – SMART-RW Rewritable.

Rewritable card can be erased and reprinted for 500 times!


– No cost relating to ribbons
– Cards can be reused up to 500 times.

Cutting-edge marketing tool:
– Enhances performances of multilevel marketing programs
– Latest promotional offers can be printed on cards in a snap
– A strong asset for 1-to-1 marketing campaigns
– Helps companies protect and increase their customer base
– Visible at a glance for increased interactivity with customers.

Quick update feature:
Data can be edited on the spot, whenever needed.

Multiple applications:
Suitable for magnetic stripe and contactless applications.