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Contact Cards

Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) cards and CashCards are just some of the few examples of cards that features a Contact Smart Card encoding. This technology has been made available for more than 2 decades due to it’s ablility to store information more than a hundred times compared to magnetic stripes.

In contact smart cards, a microchip is integrated into the card. These microchips are usually one centimetre square in size, bearing several golden plates. They can be encoded to store information in a form of binary data, much like a computer. These microchips can store information and gets it’s power source from the card reader itself. For contact smart card readers, the card is inserted into a slot in the reader, and the reader will be able to decode the binary data.

This form of technology is usually used as a security feature, storing data for identification and authenticaton. SMART™ID Card Printer recognise the wide corporate use for contact smart card, hence, users will have the option upgrade their printer to include microchips in their cards, consistent with ISO 7816 (ID-1) and SIM-Type ISO 7816 (ID-000) standards.