Choosing an ID Card printer can be an overwhelming task due tot he wide range of ID card printers in the market. Here are some questions to ask to help you select the best ID card printer for your organization.

What is my Budget?

A card printer will come with its consumables like ribbons and cleaning items.
These consumables must be considered when setting a budget, as this will help in your decision. For most companies, the price of the printer and its consumables is the most important deciding factor.
However, it is wise to remember that the lowest priced printer may not necessarily suit your requirements. You will need to find a compromise between the price and your printing needs.
SMART ID Card Printer offers a Value Class Printer range for a cost efficient solution.

What is my intended Usage?

Are you printing a Staff ID card or Member ID card?
Will you be using colour printing or monochrome?
A photo ID card will require a YMCKO (Colour) Ribbon, while membership cards that only require text printing can be enhanced with metallic gold or silver monochrome ribbons.
Identifying your printing needs will help you decide the printer, ribbons, and functions you require.

Do I need a Single or Dual Sided printer?

Most people believe in order to print double side cards, a dual side printer is required.
Single side card printers can also be used to print double side cards, by manually flipping the card over before re-feeding.
An example can be seen below:

If the back of your cards will have the same print out, it may be more cost efficient for you to get a single side card printer.
Most single side card printers also allow upgrade options to dual side.

What is my Printing Volume?

Large quantities of card printing will require a higher capacity printer, while small quantities can be printed using value class printers.
Some printer models provide high capacity printers with special ribbons to enhance the printing process.

SMART-70 Modular Class Printers come with the option of adding Input Hoppers with up to 500 cards capacity. This means you can print more cards with less time.

Do I require any Special Printer Function?

When it comes to ID card printing, your options varies according to your requirements.
From UV Printing, to Ethernet connection, or SMART Card encoding, these are all special additions you may consider before making your decision.

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