Cleaning your printer regularly is important in its maintenance. This is true of any card printer, regardless of brand or model.

Other than regular printer cleaning, users must also remember the proper way of handling their blank cards.

Keep Cards in a Dry, Clean Environment

Blank White PVC cards are highly sensitive and prone to static build up. This means that dust and dirt particles are immediately attracted to these surfaces. Once the card packaging is opened, you must use the cards, or store them in a clean, dry, and enclosed environment, like the box it came in. Leaving the cards out for a period of time will cause dust particles to accumulate on its surface.

Clean Hands, Clean Cards

Our hands and fingers, even when clean, have small dust particles and oil. These can be easily transferred to the card before printing. Oils from our fingers can leave smudges on the surface of an otherwise pristine card. When handling the cards, remember to only hold the sides or edges of the cards. Avoid touching its surface or printing side.

Check Cards Before Printing

Most card printers will print an Overlay panel on the cards. As this would normally be the final panel in the printing process, any dirt or dust particles will be trapped beneath this panel. Removing it is impossible without causing damage to the printing or card surface. Therefore, checking your cards before printing would save you time and tears.

If There’s Hair, Don’t Despair

Of course, when all is said and done, and you find yourself staring at a smudge mark on the surface of your otherwise clean card, don’t despair.
The cards do not have to be chucked into the bin for a small piece of dirt or oil smudge.
Simply clean the card surface using a quality microfibre cloth, then pop it back in the card printer.

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