SMART ID Card Printer

SMART Thermal ID Card Printer

Smart, Smarter Than Any Other ID Card Printer


Newly enhanced SMARTâ„¢ ID
card printer series promises
quality, performance
convenience to you.




Lamination uses polyester film onto a card's surface to protect it from heat, pressure, wear, tear and to fight adhesive things. The film is applierd to card at a high temperature.

SMART-SL has several unique features:
- Fast Lamination (No warming-up waiting)
- Energy Saving (7 times lower energy consumption)
- High Security with Hologram patch and UV printing
- High Quality (95% patch coverage and perfect lamination)
- Modular (Installable to SMART card printer)
- Small (The world's smallest lamination printer)

SMART-SL is useful to issue national ID cards, driver license, government ID cards, high security access cards, airport ID cards etc.