SMART ID Card Printer

SMART Thermal ID Card Printer

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Newly enhanced SMART™ ID
card printer series promises
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IDentification Cards

Identity cards are a norm these days, be it in the corporate industry, schools or even in local authorities. Ranging from simple cards for just visual confirmation to complex one like building access, network login or even to track time and attendance, SMART™ ID Card Printer has all the options ready for your company's needs.


Various types of ID cards exists today, namely:



SMART™ ID Card Printer provides high-quality photo printing on cards to ensure that your comapany's image is enhanced. Besides the physiognomy of the cards, you can have the option to include in barcodes, magnetic strips, contact chips or even make your card contactless, to ensure that you have a card for every need without scrutinising your security by encoding your card with these options. So be it visitor passes, company ID passes or even security passes, SMART™ ID Card Printerhas all the printing options available for you.

SMARTID card printer, SMART Designand SMART DBensure you comprehensive card issuance anddata management.


  • Easy Design
    SMART Design
    is a perfect tool for a quick and easy card design.
  • Data Management
    enables you to manage data conveniently. It ensures you easy and quick data compatibility with otherdatabases.
  • Real-time Data Acquisition
    Customer's data such as facial image, signature and scanned data can be imported to a printer at a time.