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Direct Printer versus ReTransfer Printers

- Direct-To-Card ID Card Printer 

The main difference between the Direct-To-Card and the ReTransfer badge printers is that with Direct-To-Card printers the ribbon, which contains the individual’s image and data, is directly adhered to the pvc card. This means that the printer’s expensive, and often delicate, print head touches every pvc card directly. This can become a quality issue as any dirt or imperfections on the pvc card can damage the head – thus causing the need for a head replacement. Although these printers aren’t able to produce the level of ID Card that the ReTransfer printers can, they still remain the most popularly used printers as they require less up-front cost and are typically able to handle the ID card demands of most industries. 


-ReTransfer (Reverse Thermal Image Transfer) ID Card Printer 

ReTransfer printers, commonly referred to as Over-The-Edge, Reverse Transfer, or HDP (High Definition Printer), have the capability to print over the entire surface of the pvc card. Moreover, Retransfer printers adhere the ribbon (image and data) to a separate film that is then adhered to the surface of the card. This means that the printer’s head will never touch the ID card directly. The advantages of a ReTransfer printer are a better looking card, a lifetime warranty on the expensive print head, and the ability to add on additional modules as needed. ReTransfer printers are best for high-volume, high-quality, enterprises and are most likely to be found in airports, universities and government agencies.